Austria/France/Germany 2009


French, Austrian & German with English subtitles

Aspect ratio 16:9

Dolby Digital 5.1

95 minutes



Interview with
Silvie Testud

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'Always profoundly empathetic, even when at its darkest, while weighing religious passion, mortality, heartbreak, hope, desperation and devastation, all part of that both euphoric and absurd experience comprising the human condition'
- Prairie Miller, NEWSBLAZE

- FilmForward

'...on occasion a film comes along that quite simply enchants and astonishes with its collection of small, delicate moments that comprise that entity called existence'
'Such is the stunning cinematic glow of the luminous existential elegy, LOURDES'
'LOURDES is uncommonly crafted as to transcend any spectator religious denomination, believer or nonbeliever, as the film washes over you, immersing the audience in a spectacle that is alternately transcendent, transformative and strange'
- Prairie Miller

'LOURDES is a meticulously drawn and precisely nuanced study’
'Sylvie Testud gives a superb perfromance’

'The strongest contender for the top prize (Venice Film Festival 2009) however is Jessica Hausner's brilliant LOURDES'
'How would we honestly react if we witnessed a miracle? That’s the question on Austrian writer-director Hausner’s lips as she casts a deeply ironic eye over the ties between commercialism and spiritual healing in this brilliant and satisfyingly illusive Francophone thinkpiece.’
- David Jenkins, TIME OUT Online (London Film Festival 2009)

'...with reviews that run the gamut from glitzy gala selections such as ‘Bright Star’ and ‘An Education' to more esoteric gems such as Jessica Hausner’s LOURDES…’
- Dave Calhoun, London Film Festival

(Top 10 recommendation)
'LOURDES – Strange, unsettling French drama about a disabled woman who's suddenly cured during a visit to Lourdes’
- Matthew Turner

'Hausner’s study of faith and superstition finds a delicate balance between sardonic wit and sensitivity. Sylvie Testud is remarkable as a bored paraplegic pilgrim whose ‘cure’ might just be a miracle’
- Wendy Ide, THE TIMES

'A soap-like story of concealed lust and religious jealousy set in the godliest of towns’
- Kong Rithdee, BANGKOK POST