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Academy Award nominee, Pulitzer prize-winner Laura Poitras presents her new film about global surveillance, press freedom and whistle-blowers - CITIZENFOUR -
After its premiere in the UK at the BFI London Film Festival on October 17th - with the event broadcast to cinemas live via satellite - it is now released nationwide from October 31st.

An astounding work of epic scope and savage emotion that was awarded Best Screenplay at Cannes 2014 - LEVIATHAN - is a visually arresting masterpiece shot through with rich, novelistic complexity.
In cinemas & on demand from November 7th.

A moving and uplifting but brutal assessment of love, faith, social pressure and human dignity - Breaking the Waves - earned an Academy Award nomination for Emily Watson in her breakthrough role & demonstrated to the world the power of Lars von Trier's filmmaking ability. On DVD & Blu-ray from November 10th.